Celebrating My Followers with a Giveaway ~$150 in gift cards

I began this blog back in February of this year. I’ve learned so much and have made so many wonderful connections since then. It’s been a great adventure so far. My followers have been growing here on my blog, but also on Twitter, Pinterest, TPT and most quickly on my Facebook fan page. I’ll soon reach 600 fans on FB, which is pretty awesome to me!  So, I thought it was time for a celebration.

The Giveaway…

There will be TWO lucky winners.

The first winner will receive 2 gift cards – a $30 shopping spree in my TPT Store and a $20 gift card for Macy’s (buy yourself something special!).

The second winner will receive the grand prize – a $100 gift card for Restaurant.com. You can go online and choose gift certificates from your favorite restaurants – over 18 000 restaurants to choose from. Splurge – you deserve it!


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So, thank you everyone who’s helped out and followed along the way, as Lessons From The Middle has grown. You’ve been amazing!

Good luck to you all!

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*Canadian residents – feel free to enter, but the restaurant.com gift card is only redeemable for US residents. I know, right? Sorry.

Contest ends 12:01am September 22nd.

Winners must respond within 48hrs of being contacted, or new winners will be chosen.*


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About krystalmills

I am a Grade 7 teacher in Prince Edward Island. Lessons From The Middle shares lessons from the classroom, and occasionally from my life as a mom of two young boys. The goal of this Canadian teacher blog is to share middle school lessons, activities and ideas from my classroom and to collaborate with the wonderful online community of teachers out there as well! Thanks for stopping by!   Find me on Facebook Twitter Pinterest Browse my TPT Store Browse my TN Store

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  1. I love Teachers Pay Teachers. Teacher blogs, especially yours , Runde’s Room, and Teaching in Room 6 have been a God-send for me as I have a 5/6 split class this year. I get so many wonderful ideas from them. Thank you so much for your wonder blog.

    • Michelle Stockert

      I too have a split class and would love to network with someone else. I have had parent complaints about how I am handling the teaching. I just need to know if there are other ways of doing it! If you would contact me that would be great!

  2. My favorites are all of the many blogs I follow! I also love TPT

  3. Teachers pay teachers and allof my blogs are the best!

  4. I have to agree that TpT is my favorite site as well. I love the wonderful and practical ideas that I find on the site. 🙂

  5. I love all of your great ideas! Thanks

  6. I love TpT and the blogs that I follow. I always love reading about ideas to use in my classroom.

  7. Oh gee, I love TpT for teachers….starfall.com for students!

  8. Well, good question. I am a little biased but I honestly LOVE http://www.teachingblogaddict.com! All the authors, including you, totally amaze me continually 😉

  9. My students enjoy Sumdog and DreamBox. I like Sumdog because it’s free.

  10. My favorite websites for teachers are the Northern Nevada Writing Project and Corbett Harrison’s. (http://writingfix.com/Index.htm and http://corbettharrison.com/) These sites connect reading and writing with proven lesson plans based on the 6+Traits of writing.

  11. Congrats on the milestone!

  12. I think I’d have to say Teachers Pay Teachers – I use it all of the time and it benefits both myself and my students!

  13. Ten MArks – It is free to use and you can add classes and give math assessments.

  14. I really can’t list a favorite. I love all the teacher blogs I follow.

  15. Michelle Stockert

    My favorite is TPT. I just discovered it at the end of the year last year, and have spent a lot since then. So worthwhile to buy from people who are using the products and KNOW what I need.

  16. The website where I get the most ideas and information is actually the collection of blogs that I follow – including yours. I absolutely love that teachers are so willing to post and share ideas which makes all of us better teachers for our students.
    I am also addicted to and love TPT and Pinterest. Now when I am planning a lesson, I look at those two places first rather than going straight to Google to do a search. Usually within five minutes I have so many great lessons that I have a hard time choosing what I want to do. 🙂

  17. My current favorite website is Edmodo.com. It is a school friendly Facebook and allows students to collaborate online:)

  18. What subject do you teach? I’m currently teaching 7th grade life science and would love some tips on classroom management!

  19. Oh, and check out the sidebar of my blog – there’s an offer there for classroom management resources “Amazing Teacher Resources Giveaway” – it may be what you’re looking for. If it’s behavior management -check out http://www.classdojo.com – it’s a slick behavior management system.

  20. I like TpT, teaching blog addict, and teaching blog central, which has teacher blogs categorized by grade level. It’s your own blog roll. Thanks for the opportunity to win some great prizes. Ursula

  21. I love the website arcademics.com – it’s a website with online educational games that teachers can use when studying mainly math topics, but also some language arts and social studies. I had my students play these games when they were on the computer (they didn’t realize they were learning while playing, too!).

  22. I adore teacherspayteachers and pintrest! I can’t imagine teaching without the internet!!!

  23. What’s your favorite website for teachers or students and what’s it about?

    Duh – TPT! I love tons of blogs too, especially Runde’s Room (she is my dream teacher). Other websites – teachervision, superteacherworksheets, PROTEACHER!

  24. I love TPT for myself! I have gotten tons of free lessons and bought some more great ones as well.

  25. Some of my favorite ed websites are teachingchannel.org, eduTecher.net, and the English Companion Ning (englishcompanion.ning.com). The Teaching Channel is great because it offers videos of teachers in action demonstrating effective teaching strategies/lessons and classroom management techniques. I like eduTecher because it gives educators information on new technology AND how to use it in the classroom. There’s also an eduTecher iPhone app that’s really handy. Finally, the English Companion Ning is a social network/website that EVERY English Language Arts teacher should join. The EC Ning is just over 36,000 (yup, 36 THOUSAND) members strong, and all those members are extremely helpful. The best thing about all these sites (and the eduTecher app) is that they are ALL FREE!

  26. I have a split 4/5 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I would love to share ideas!