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Pi Day is Almost Here!

I know that some math teachers make a REALLY big deal out of “Pi Day” (March 14th – 3.14). I don’t go quite so far as to make a whole day of activities. However, I did make a quick little freebie this year of an activity that I usually do at this point in the year. I let students use their creativity and create “Circle Art”!


If you want your copy of the freebie, just click the picture below.

Pi Day Circle Art Activity


I also came across a cute song on YouTube (once I got looking – I found out that there are lots) for Pi Day. It’s “Pi Pi, Mathematical Pi”!  It’s to the tune of American Pie and my grade 7’s got a kick out of it!




Other Pi Day Activities:

Pi Day Circle Activities

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Pi Day Circle Activities

Create a Medal Activity


Pi Day Circle Activities

Circles Koosh Ball Game with a St. Patrick’s Day Theme









How do you plan to celebrate Pi Day?


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Students Take Responsibility For Their Learning By Reflecting on Their Tests

We had a PD day last week and I got to meet with my collaborative learning team. We’ve been looking at how to use Guided Math in our classrooms. It’s been a struggle, but I have made some gains in that area this year and I’m going to continue to work on it as a professional goal.

Something that one of the grade 6 teachers shared was really simple and useful and so I thought I’d share it here.

The basic idea is to have students reflect on their tests, quizzes, or reviews and to put the responsibility on to them as to what they still need to work on. It works wonderfully for math, but can easily be used in other subjects as well.

I created my own version and posted it in my TPT Store as a freebie. Click on the picture below for your own copy!


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