Pi Day is Almost Here!

I know that some math teachers make a REALLY big deal out of “Pi Day” (March 14th – 3.14). I don’t go quite so far as to make a whole day of activities. However, I did make a quick little freebie this year of an activity that I usually do at this point in the year. I let students use their creativity and create “Circle Art”!


If you want your copy of the freebie, just click the picture below.

Pi Day Circle Art Activity


I also came across a cute song on YouTube (once I got looking – I found out that there are lots) for Pi Day. It’s “Pi Pi, Mathematical Pi”!  It’s to the tune of American Pie and my grade 7’s got a kick out of it!




Other Pi Day Activities:

Pi Day Circle Activities

6 Math Challenges for Circles



Pi Day Circle Activities

Create a Medal Activity


Pi Day Circle Activities

Circles Koosh Ball Game with a St. Patrick’s Day Theme









How do you plan to celebrate Pi Day?


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  1. Hi Krystal! I’m a middle school math teacher in Ohio in the U.S. I enjoyed your thoughts on Pi Day…I’m going to find that video. I told my students they could bring in pie and I bought them all a pi pencil. Other than that, I have some cute Pi Day cartoon/jokes to share. I’m always looking for ways to make my math class fun!

    • I really should have offered bonus marks for anyone who brings me a pie…apple pie is my fave! I’ll post another link here later – a blogger friend is working on a post as well and she’s got tons of links and ideas to share:) Happy Pi Day and thanks for your comment!


  2. Forgot to check the box for follow-up comments. 🙂

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