Yay! More Math!

It’s the little things that make you happy – and also make you realize confirm that you are a bit of a nerd. I get to take on more math next year, having grade 7 and 8 math classes as well as being a support person in one of those classrooms. To have this new curriculum guide and text home with me this summer just makes me smile (I will also continue to teach LA, as well).

math rocks

Math is my favorite and always has been, and so I’m very excited to think about how I may engage and teach my students – the students that I just said good-bye to in grade 7. Won’t they be surprised to see me, again! Hopefully it will be a happy surprise! What I am most excited about, is the fact that there is a new project coming into place in September for grade 7 and 8 math. It includes a “boot camp” package of materials and a lot of emphasis is put on having basic numeracy skills before getting started with the actual grade level curriculum. Every year kids come in who don’t yet know how to multiply or divide, don’t understand place value or fractions etc. This boot camp should help to fill some of those gaps with direct instruction on these skills and so I’m excited that it’s actually built in to our year plan! A pacing guide was given to us as well, and an example of one of four formative assessments that we will have access to next year to make sure that our students are grasping the foundational learnings that have been identified as most important for the grade level. It just all seems so organized and I love the sound of anything that may work better than what I did the previous year, so I’m in!

I say again, Yay! More Math!

How do you feel about your assignment for next year? Or, are you still waiting?

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  1. Denise Goshert

    I’ll be teaching 5th graders this included honor students so I’ll teach 5th gr SS/Sci. For LA, I’ll be teaching a dual curriculum; 5th ELA CCSS to half & for my 5H, I’ll follow 6th gr CCSS. For Math (my fav) I’ll teach 5H following 6th gr CCSS as well. I’m intrigued about your boot camp. I start off the 1st unit in math teaching GCF/LCM, dividing whole #, all operations of Decimals & Mult/Div Fractions. But students will be formally assessed on all operations for whole, decimal & fractions. Boot Cp might be a great way to jump start prior knowledge & strengthen those skills not taught but lead into those that will be. Thnx. Have a gr8 summer!

  2. Joanne Ledlow

    I am in Ontario and I teach in a French Immersion school where Math is taught in English. My assignment is grade 8 English and Math and grade 6 English and Math. The Boot Camp Math that you mentioned is that a PEI created document? It is so true about not knowing basic numeracy! Thanks for any info on Boot Camp.

  3. A group of teachers did work on this project, Joanne. I asked one of the ladies in charge if I can share it with you 🙂 I’ll post it here if I get a yes!


    • Joanne Ledlow

      I would be happy to pay for it as I know it must have been a lot of work!

      • Well, I wasn’t a part of its creation at all and it’s really just a collection of place value, division, fractions, multiplication, decimals work sheets etc. But it’s suited to the grade level as far as what they should have when they come in. I’m not going to have to go digging for resources. I do have plans of figuring out some fun ways to differentiate the boot camp, this summer, and I’ll probably post anything like that on TPT. I’ll definitely let you know if I am able to share the boot camp – there is one for grade 6,7,8 and 9.

  4. Hey Krystal, this year I will be teaching Math and English in grade 7 at a French Immersion school in Ontario . I love Math too! I am a complete Math nerd! I taught 7 and 8 Math this year and I enjoyed it so much. At times, my students thought I was crazy… But I am pretty sure they learned a thing or two. I would love to see the boot camp if they are willing to share. So important to make sure they have the basic skills.

  5. I have taught Algebra to 7th Graders and then when they were in 8th Grade I taught them again in Geometry. I loved having them again. They knew what my expectations were and I knew what their abilities were. I didn’t have to go over my first day speech, we just got right into the curriculum on day one.

    My favorite part was when they made a mistake I would say ” Who was your Math teacher last year?” We would all laugh. LOL

    • I’m thinking the same thing! The group I had last year were a great bunch of kids and I really looking forward to having some of them again. And it sounds like we share a similar sense of humor – I’ve already considered what I’ll say when they don’t remember what I taught!

  6. Math definitely rocks! More math = more fun!
    I’m sure your kids will be very excited to have you for another year!