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A Christmas Gift That I’ll Treasure Forever

I received the gift of my career yesterday and I just had to share. It’s something that I’ll keep in my top desk drawer for “those days” when I need a little boost! There are 52 reasons…but here are some of my favorites.



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I was able to hold it together until I got to the last one…And people wonder why we do this…I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Have a great holiday season and a relaxing break everyone!

Krystal Mills, Lessons From The Mille, Teacher Blog


More Holiday Freebies Coming Your Way!

I got to be a part of a fantastic project again this year – our Holiday E-book! It’s jam-packed with freebies and holiday tips! Make sure to download your copy for this year! There are actually three holiday e-books, organized by grade level – I’m leaving all three links below for your browsing pleasure!

Holiday E-Book


Holiday E-Book Grades 7-12

Holiday E-Book Grades 3-6

Holiday E-Book Grades 1-2

Krystal Mills, Lessons From The Mille, Teacher Blog


The 12 Days of Gift-Mas Secondary Blog Hop~Day 6

12 days of gift-mas


I am super excited to be Day 6 in this middle and high school holiday blog hop! Thanks again to Michelle from Making It As A Middle School Teacher for coming up with this entire idea!  

There are twelve of us participating. Each day we’ll be highlighting some of our best freebies! Some teachers are giving away usually priced products for free on their special day,  and others are having gift card giveaways! I’m doing a combination of all of the above! 

I hope you got to check out Day 5 from Liz’s Lessons and don’t miss For the Love of Teaching Math‘s post tomorrow.


12 days of gift-mas


On the 6th day of Gift-Mas, Lessons From The Middle gave to me…


 I have a special holiday freebie that I spoke about in a previous blog post. Students speak from different points of view with this improv activity, with a holiday theme. It’s fun and I’ve got some great feedback on this freebie!

Point of View Improv Activity


FREE FOR TODAY ONLY: A product that is usually priced at $5.00, but can be yours free for today, Dec 6th only is:


Write an A to Z Holiday Story


And now on to the giveaways!

#1: You can enter to win a $25.oo gift card from Amazon.

#2: $25.00 shopping spree in my TPT Store.

Feel free to enter both!


~Win a $25.00 Amazon gift card~

 amazon christmas gift card for blog hop giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway


 ~Win a $25.00 Shopping Spree in my TeachersPayTeachers Store~

Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth -

  a Rafflecopter giveaway     Make sure to come back each day for more freebies and giveaways! We’re only half way through this awesome holiday blog hop!  Lots more to be given away and to be won! I’ll announce the winners of the Amazon gift card and my TPT Store shopping spree, on December 13th. Stay tuned!    

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Add Improv into Your Classroom with This Holiday Freebie

My students are very vocal and energetic this year. Many are hands-on learners as well, and they love activities where they can get out of their seats. Rather than fight this, I’ve been trying to embrace it and to draw on those strengths and learning preferences.

Well, Christmas is quickly approaching and you know what that means! The holidays (for me, anyways) mean more chatting, more restlessness, and energy levels reach a new high. Monday mornings are like Friday afternoons, if you know what I’m saying. So, knowing that this is what lies ahead for the next month, I’ve been trying to think of some activities that I can do with my students to incorporate their excitement for the upcoming holiday, while still covering the curriculum that I am responsible to cover.

Not too long ago, I posted about an excellent book that I found (CCSS aligned) about teaching literary elements with picture books. I mentioned in that post about a “Point of View” improv activity from the book, that I was excited to try with my students. Since writing that post, I have done the activity and as expected, they ate it up! So, I decided to take the idea and add a holiday twist.

For this improv activity, students put themselves into a character’s position and speak from their point of view. It helps students identify point of view in what they read and to take on different points of view in their own writing. It also builds their skills with the writing trait of “voice”.

Adding Improv Into Your Classroom…

Improv is not for everyone and it’s definitely not for all students. However, if you think this would be up your students’ alley, this is what you need to do!

Create some scenarios for students on cards, much like in the game Charades. These scenarios can be as creative as you like (this is where you add a holiday twist) and call the student to speak from a unique point of view.

A volunteer chooses a card, reads it out loud and then speaks from the point of view dictated by the card.

Here are two examples:

Point of View Improv scene

Point of View Improv scene

Most of my students love being in front of an audience and so activities like this are perfect for them. I know that they are not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. However, with the Christmas season upon us and energy levels on the rise, I’ll be saving this holiday version of the improv activity that they loved, for a time when they need to get out of their seats and be a little silly.

Following this improv activity, students can work with a partner to create their own improv scenes for Christmas. They could act out these scenes or even choose one to inspire a short creative writing piece. I have a freebie in my TPT Store, if you have a class like mine, that would thrive on this type of kinesthetic activity and I’ve done all of the work for you. Point of View Improv Activity


Laura Candler of “Corkboard Connections” is hosting a Holiday Learning Link-Up. This is an awesome collection of holiday teaching ideas, tips and resources to make your holiday season the best yet! Christmas is just a month away, now. Be sure to check out this link-up if fresh ideas for your classroom is on your Christmas wish list!

Thanks for all of your hard work in putting this link-up together, Laura.


middle school lessons from the middle school blog canadian blog, middle school math photo

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