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HUGE Sale at TeachersPayTeachers

Just in case you didn’t hear…

 TeachersPayTeachers is having a site wide sale AND many of us have our stores on sale, as well, for even more savings.

Happy shopping!

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Virtual Field Trip to AfricaGraphic by: Study All Knight

Feeling the Love

As teachers, there are times that our jobs are stressful and we get to the end of the day and wonder if we actually taught anybody anything! Or, maybe that’s just me!

Well this was the opposite of one of those weeks. This week I was feeling the love! I came back from Christmas vacation to find a little card in my school mailbox. When I opened it, I discovered that it was from a student I taught last year, and who I had for Math again this year. She moved a couple of months ago. I only wish there was a return address on the envelope! I’m going to have to track her down!

So sweet, brought a tear to my eye.



I mean, come on! How lucky am I to receive such a special card – this one filled my bucket for at least the next few months.

And then as I was just getting ready to head home today, I noticed this on the board. Now, they’ve written this on the board before, but they usually add, “And ——– is her favorite student!” This message was anonymous, and it topped up my bucket – I’m good until the end of June, now!



Just in case you haven’t been told recently, YOU ARE AWESOME! Enjoy your weekend – I certainly have a little extra energy for the Master’s work ahead of me!


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More Holiday Freebies Coming Your Way!

I got to be a part of a fantastic project again this year – our Holiday E-book! It’s jam-packed with freebies and holiday tips! Make sure to download your copy for this year! There are actually three holiday e-books, organized by grade level – I’m leaving all three links below for your browsing pleasure!

Holiday E-Book


Holiday E-Book Grades 7-12

Holiday E-Book Grades 3-6

Holiday E-Book Grades 1-2

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TPT Appreciation Sale is on now!

Just in case you haven’t heard…

TeachersPayTeachers is having their annual Teacher Appreciation Sale today and tomorrow, May 7-8. I’ll be having a sale in my TPT Store as well! Many people find that this is the sale that they like the most! The year’s almost over and people are thinking ahead for the next school year. Wouldn’t it be nice to have yourself all stocked up so that when Back to School time rolls around you’re already set to go?


Anyhow, I had to let you know about the sale! Happy browsing!

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Calling All French Teachers!

You know those people who you just admire? They are so passionate about what they do and are so talented, as well? I am fortunate to be surrounded by these people in my life (you know who you are). 

I’d actually like to take a minute to highlight one of these people and if you happen to teach French or know someone who does, you’ll be all the more interested.

Tammy Aiello, author of Teaching FSL has a witty writing style on her blog and offers a range of products in her TeachersPayTeachers Store, aimed mostly at middle and high school French teachers. Yes, there are people out there making products just for you!  

You may remember me mentioning Tammy a few months ago when we actually met up in person. She lives in Ontario and I, in Prince Edward Island. Our families had a great little visit at the beach last summer when they were vacationing on the Island.

Some of her awesome products are below, but you really should take the time to browse her TPT Store Teaching FSL, follow her and pass her links on to your French teacher colleagues! Thirty two of her 37 items are under $3.00 or free! How can you argue with that?


coat of arms project



helpful phrases for french



i have who has french game





Tammy doesn’t know that I’m writing this post. I hope she’s okay with me highlighting her talent here on Lessons From The Middle! If not…too bad, I guess;) I just felt like giving her a well-deserved shout-out!

On a different, but not completely unrelated note, I mentioned in a previous post, I had a rough week last week, which was made all of the rougher by finding out that a former student of mine passed away in a car accident.

I’ve been reminded this week that life’s too short. Too short for what? For anything that does not bring you joy. Have a look at those in your life. Make a point of telling a friend that they’re doing a good job, or tell someone that you appreciate all that they do. Appreciate what matters and be kind.middle school lessons from the middle school blog canadian blog, middle school math photo


Uncharted Territory…Starting My First Book Club (and an Amazing Giveaway!)

We started our book club yesterday! This is my first one ever (and so I may be asking for advice) but I think the kids are really going to love it! I know what you’re thinking: Why did you launch it on a Friday? That’s another story for another time.

Anyhow, the book club that goes with our grade 7 Language Arts program is themed  “This is Who I Am”. It’s all about the type of person you are, how who you are is reflected in choices that you make and how your personality can sometimes be altered by critical and pivotal points in your life. Perfectly suited for grade 7 – it even fits right along with some of our Health outcomes on choices and friendships.

The read aloud for the book club is Firegirl. It’s not filled with a lot of twists and turns, or complicated story lines. It’s a very basic story about friendship and strength character. A girl joins a class mid-year to be closer to the hospital for her treatments, as she was in a horrible accident and has disfiguring burns. The way the students in the class act toward her is very telling of their character.

I think that it was a great choice for the read aloud for a few reasons, but its simplicity is one of them. I think a lot of my students will see themselves or their classmates in the main characters in the novel. And, at the very least, they must consider what they would do if placed into the same situation. What kind of friend would they be? Would they be brave enough to befriend someone who everyone else avoids? It should be interesting and I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.

What do you think is the most challenging part of running book clubs? What should I be aware of?


Okay – switching gears…

I also have some pretty exciting news for you…An awesome giveaway by Teacher’s Notebook begins today, Jan. 5th and runs until Jan 31st. It’s simple to enter and the winner will receive their choice of an iPad Mini, a Kindle Fire HD or a Nook HD. How amazing would that be? You can enter each day between now and the end of the month – so be sure to take a couple of minutes to get yourself entered! If I win, I want the iPad Mini!


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Celebrating My Followers with a Giveaway ~$150 in gift cards

I began this blog back in February of this year. I’ve learned so much and have made so many wonderful connections since then. It’s been a great adventure so far. My followers have been growing here on my blog, but also on Twitter, Pinterest, TPT and most quickly on my Facebook fan page. I’ll soon reach 600 fans on FB, which is pretty awesome to me!  So, I thought it was time for a celebration.

The Giveaway…

There will be TWO lucky winners.

The first winner will receive 2 gift cards – a $30 shopping spree in my TPT Store and a $20 gift card for Macy’s (buy yourself something special!).

The second winner will receive the grand prize – a $100 gift card for You can go online and choose gift certificates from your favorite restaurants – over 18 000 restaurants to choose from. Splurge – you deserve it!


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So, thank you everyone who’s helped out and followed along the way, as Lessons From The Middle has grown. You’ve been amazing!

Good luck to you all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Canadian residents – feel free to enter, but the gift card is only redeemable for US residents. I know, right? Sorry.

Contest ends 12:01am September 22nd.

Winners must respond within 48hrs of being contacted, or new winners will be chosen.*


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Teacher Appreciation Jackpot – Thanks for your participation!

The Teacher Appreciation Jackpot was a great success this year!

The event is now closed and products have been returned to their regular prices. If you missed the Jackpot, don’t worry. For the next 2 days – May 7th and 8th the Teacher Appreciation Sale is still on at TeachersPayTeachers and you can get 10 -28% off of all products! Head on over so that you don’t miss out!


Fractions, Percents and Decimals Math Centers and Quiz Grades 6-8

 lessons from the middle, fractions, percents and decimals, middle school math

middle school lessons from the middle school blog canadian blog, middle school math, divisibility game

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