Lessons From The Middle, Giveaways

It’s occurred to me recently, that there are A LOT of giveaways in blog world. So, I’ve decided to dedicate this page to giveaways! Someone wins these giveaways – why not you? ENTER! You could potentially win some fantastic resources for your classroom.

Good luck and PLEASE let me know if you win anything! I require only a small percentage of your winnings;) Heehee! Just joking:)

On to the giveaways!

On going…

Giveaways Galore with TBA

Attention Teacher-Bloggers!

PLEASE leave the links to your giveaways in the comments on this page for us all to access. If you could, give a brief description of the prize, when the contest is running and the link.

Thanks so much!!!



  1. I’m giving away a $100 Tieks Gift Card for Back to School. These shoes are super comfy ballet flats – I love them! Come on over!

  2. Enter to Win a Copy of the Book “Teaching with Story: Classroom Connections to Storytelling” by Margaret Read MacDonald

  3. Enter the OFM “Sit Down and Learn Giveaway” by 8/15 for a chance to win 20 Rico Student Stack Chairs in the color and size of your choice.

What do you think?