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Middle School Math Freebies

Okay, first of all – I’m so sorry about the typo in the title of my last post! Ugh…made my stomach turn when I saw it. I know that my typing (and my spelling skills) need work sometimes but a mistake in the title? So sorry! Good thing I never claimed to be perfect, huh?


I wrote a post in the spring of last year, which linked up a whole bunch of great middle school math freebies. A few more links have been added and so I decided to post the collection again. If you have a great middle school math freebie that you’d like to add – feel free to link up! You can use the title of your product as the “Name”. I hope to see this collection GROW!




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Middle School Math Freebies! I’m having a linky party!

Well, I’ve been a part of linky parties before, but this is the first one I’ve hosted! FUN! I hope to create a great collection of middle school math freebies for all of you (and for me too, of course).

One of my popular math freebies is a Divisibility Game, Poster, and Printable Pack. It’s easy to play and a great way to review divisibility rules that students sometimes neglect due to over-use of calculators! It includes divisibility rules for 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 and 10. There are two levels of “difficulty” so that even students on IEPs should be able to play the game with the class. All you need to play, is dice for each group. You can easily increase the level of difficulty by adding more dice to the game.

Click on the link to download my Free Divisibility Game, Poster and Printable.

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Free Divisibility Game

If you have a free middle school math resource to share, please add the link and keep the party going!!! FREEBIES ONLY this time around please! I’m starting things off by adding a few of my own:)

For anyone who would like to grab the code for their blog…

Lessons From The Middle
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middle school lessons from the middle school blog canadian blog, middle school math, divisibility game



My linky party is part of The Ultimate Linky Party on Teaching Blog Addict. If you’re in the mood to party – head over to TBA to check out some great links!