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“A Year in Preview” Linky Party

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I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are enjoying your last few days of break. I know that I am! I took time off from everything over the last week – school work, blogging, writing – the whole thing. I’ve had lots of fun playing trucks and Lego’s with my boys, curling up to watch movies with my hubby, and visiting with friends and family. I’ve also made a conscious effort to appreciate the little things – like my beautiful Christmas cactus blooming just in time for Christmas Day. This cactus only blooms once a year – how does it know? Amazing!a year in preview link up photo

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is behind us already. I undecorated the house yesterday and you would never know that Christmas even happened here except, of course, for the lovely gifts that Santa left behind. You wouldn’t think that an area rug could make someone so happy! Any who, as I was contemplating what to blog about today, I found an awesome linky party that one of my blogging buddies, Michelle from Making it as a Middle School Teacher is hosting. It’s all about the upcoming year.

So, here’s my year in Preview!

a year in preview link up photo

 What do you have planned for 2013? What do you hope is in store for you?


Happy NewYear!

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Let’s Face it – The Best Stuff’s Always in the Middle

Whether it’s the peanut butter in a sandwich or the Oreo cream in the cookie – the best stuff’s always in the middle.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time. And now, I’m finally ready! This blog is specifically for you amazing middle school teachers (although I hope that there’ll be lots of ideas applicable across the grade levels too!)

I teach Grade 7 and I plan to share teaching tips, ideas, strategies, lessons, freebies, helpful web sites and anything else I come across that I think will save you time.

I have 2 young boys and I know how precious time is. The evenings seem to disappear so quickly! If a lesson that I have, a site or freebie that I’ve found will save you a few minutes – I want to share it! I may also throw in some parenting-type tips upon occasion. I know you don’t all have children, so feel free to “file” these ideas however you see fit;)


What this blog is not…

This blog is not an online  journal, or a place to rant about my job. If that’s what you’re looking for – keep looking.  I understand why those blogs exist – it’s just not my style, nor the intention of this blog. Negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity. Enough said.

On that note, let this blogging adventure begin, as I attempt to share with you some “Lessons From the Middle”.