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HUGE Sale at TeachersPayTeachers

Just in case you didn’t hear…

 TeachersPayTeachers is having a site wide sale AND many of us have our stores on sale, as well, for even more savings.

Happy shopping!

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“It’s No Joke!” Test-Prep Pack Giveaway for Middle and High School

test prep giveaway

A great giveaway coming your way, organized by a couple of blogger buds of mine.

There are THREE fantastic bundles of test-prep goodies up for grabs for middle and high school teachers. I have offered up a choice of item to the winner of the prize pack that I’m a part of.

That lucky winner will have his/her choice of ANY item from my TPT Store (along with the rest of the test-prep goodies, of course).

 Make sure to head over to The Language Arts Classroom to enter, and good luck! 

This giveaway is definitely No Joke!

Test Prep Giveaway

Students Take Responsibility For Their Learning By Reflecting on Their Tests

We had a PD day last week and I got to meet with my collaborative learning team. We’ve been looking at how to use Guided Math in our classrooms. It’s been a struggle, but I have made some gains in that area this year and I’m going to continue to work on it as a professional goal.

Something that one of the grade 6 teachers shared was really simple and useful and so I thought I’d share it here.

The basic idea is to have students reflect on their tests, quizzes, or reviews and to put the responsibility on to them as to what they still need to work on. It works wonderfully for math, but can easily be used in other subjects as well.

I created my own version and posted it in my TPT Store as a freebie. Click on the picture below for your own copy!


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