This is a collection of other blogs by fabulous teachers that you may want to check out!

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Check out this link to a fantastic Canadian Teacher Blogger Linky Party

Another on-going linky of all educational blogs, all levels (there may be some duplicates with those above, as I am not hosting this linky party):

  1. conniecasserly

    What a great idea! I am now following you, and I added your button to my Link Up page. Please add my logo to your collection. You can copy and paste it from the Home page on my site If you want, please click the Google +1 button, too/ It’s on every page but the Home page. Thank you and best of luck on your contest.

  2. I am so happy to have discovered this blog! Please add my middle school blog to your blogroll I teach middle school science! 🙂

  3. I think one of my favorite sites for teacher is the Teachers Pay Teachers site. You could get lost forever in it, especially when you start clicking on people’s blogs and looking those over also.

  4. Lee Ann Nolen Beasley

    I love your blog!! My favorite part of teaching is when a student smiles and says, “oh yeah, I get it now!” I love to see success and understanding on a child’s face! I also love getting wonderful lesson ideas from your blog and many others!!!

  5. Krystal, I keep trying to link up but it won’t let me. It keeps telling me that there is no back link for my blog. Hmm…any suggestions??

    • Not sure – I added your blog up top instead:)

      • Krystal, I tried replying to you the day that you posted this. You’re so sweet! Thank you for checking in on my blog every now and then and for your support and feedback. You are such a sweetheart! We need to collaborate on something! If you’re ever up for it, just get ahold of me! Thank you so much for “grabbing” my blog button!
        Hugs to you…

      • Hi Joey,

        I don’t know why my spam blockers are calling you spam! I just found 2 comments from you. Weird! I love your blog and I think you’re doing a fabulous job. I love having quality content to share with my followers via FB etc. and your blog posts are very much my style. I’d love to collaborate on something! Maybe we could cook something up before the end of the school year – an end of the year sale-ebration? Or something more creative;)


      • Aww…thank you for your kind remarks. 🙂 I think we should definitely come up with something together for the end of the school year! We should plan an evening to talk on FB to figure out what we want to do. Evenings are best…my kiddos will be in bed anytime after 8. 🙂 I think you are doing some pretty great stuff yourself and I’m looking forward to working with ya!

        Hugs to you!

  6. Thank you so much! You have been such a nice supporter of the things that I do and I really appreciate that. We should get together and collaborate on something! Let me know if you are ever up for it. 🙂

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